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Power Lines

I own a house in a town which has a Power Station - and powerlines running around the countryside from every direction. My House faces south, with no back door. All windows face north east - and the power lines are visible from every window which all face north east (They run west to east) Can anyone suggest cures?

In traditional Feng Shui, powerlines are considered the " water element ". (This is the equivalent to watercourses or streams).

As you had mentioned that the powerlines are 1000 metres away, it should thus be considered as " water " flowing along your North East/ North West.

To further elaborate:-

1. Aas you mentioned that your house faces south, does it mean that the main entrance door is at the South?

2. Is the back of your house at the North?

At the " micro " level, do try to get an ordinary compass and take a compass reading of your house. What you need to do here is to go a plot of empty land and take a compass bearing of the North to South line. (Take this reading far away from the powerlines). Next, take a compass reading of the North to South line in your home. Do remember to steer at least 1 metre away from concrete pillars and take a reading. The North to South line reading or deflection should not be more 5 to 10 degrees.

Do let me know what is the degree of deflection e.g. is it 10 degrees, 15 degrees, 22 degrees etc..

The purpose of this exercise to check if there is any magnetic influence on your house from the powerlines.

Let me share with you a case, I done a while back. This flat/condominium is on the 2nd level and just immediately below the flat is the power room of the entire condominium. When I took a reading on an empty plot of land, the North to South and reference it to the reading to the house, there is a deflection or variance of 22 degrees.

Currently, there is not much study under Feng Shui on whether it is good or bad to have `enhanced' magnetic field in a house and the effects on the household for a long period. Maybe there are other studies in this area.

There was a study of underground water (which is the equivalent of " powerlines ") done in Germany but this relates to underground watercourses which are DIRECTLY under a home. For more details on it please refer to this article: Click here

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999



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