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Leaks in the Home


  Can an existing homeowner benefit from the Feng Shui audit?

Yes. A proper audit involving looking at both the Ba Zi (Eight Characters) of all family members and a full home audit can help to improve or find out what's wrong with an existing home.


 I have been staying in my existing home. Can Feng Shui help to improve my present situation? How can I improve my luck? Is there a wealth corner at my home?

Many of us would automatically or instinctively assume that in order to enhance our luck, we must buy `expensive' objects to enhance a sector or sectors of a home. This is a fallacy and not necessarily true. The main objective is to find out what's wrong and FIX-IT, FIRST!


 The `Evils of Fast-Food Feng Shui'

Since mid 1980's, the trend of most of us is to look for fast-food answers to all our woes problems.

The most common mistake is to purchase `Feng Shui' books that does not teach but preach. Many of these books only know how to give `wild' tips without considering whether they are personalized to a specific individual or not.

Another sensible advise is that if you are making enhancements try to do so one at a time. For example, make the enhancement, wait a week. If nothing happens on on to the next.

This would be different if you consult reputable professional Feng Shui practitioners.

We hear of horror stories of many people paying large amounts for useless figurines and cures or enhancements that may not work at all. Instead, some of us may incur mounting debts or face a multitude of financial problems. This leads to a vicious cycle of financial and family problems:never knowing what's wrong with their life! You may not be in this situation but it is good to understand and avoid these pit-falls.


 Is there a leak somewhere?

Let's look at it this way: imagine that you are on a boat in the Pacific Ocean. If the boat has a leak, there is no point in senhancing a sector of the deck of the boat if there is still a leak!


As the picture below shows, if we continue to look for our wealth sector and forsake the leak; the boat will eventually flood and sink! And all will be totally lost!


 How do I know if there are any leaks?

Let's hope that none of us have leaks especially major leaks that suppress our luck. But it is never too late to find out if we have any now or in the future.

Feng Shui and Chinese divinity methods are all about trying to maximizing one thing -- LUCK!


 What is so different about

We not only look at the Feng Shui of your home also we apply no less than three major Feng Shui concepts i.e. Shapes and Forms, Ba Zi Feng Shui, Eight House and Flying Star Feng Shui.

In fact, even before we begin to discuss on your home audit, we will thoroughly go thru each family's personal Ba Zi during the second on-site visit, first:-

1. Based on full detailed analysis of: Year, Month, Day, Time, House of Life, House of Conception. No one else provides such a full detailed analysis to ensure that your element and strength are correctly analyzed to include harms, punishments, double and triple combinations.

2. No one has ever come close to our full detailed and accurate Ba Zi analysis. Learn more.

3. Each of your current and future LUCK PERIODs are looked at to see if they are need to be neutralized especially for personal  self-enhancement or `cured' during this existing 10 year period.

Here, you will be advised on whether there can be one or several minor or major leaks:-

Situation 1:  Breadwinner's Ba Zi current Luck Period is OK but House Feng Shui has major or minor leaks.
Situation 2: Breadwinner's Ba Zi current Luck Period is inauspicious and House Feng Shui has major or minor leaks.

Learn the truth about your current situation! And only when you understand better what is `leaking' then can one improve or enhance your situation.

No one else comes close to our expertise in helping many people in understanding leaks better than we can!

4. Each family member will also get to understand your favourable, unfavourable elements. And your wealth element during the briefing.

5. Only after going thru your Ba Zi does Cecil Lee, go further into your home audit. This is why, his second visit takes as long as 2  or more hours for your personalized 2nd on-site visit.

6. You can start to note down even as you go thru this resources any questions that you need to ask Cecil during his very detailed 2nd visit! Learn more about our very affordable fixed pricing here!


 Career Analysis for family members

Yes, this comes standard in all our on-site audits. Your detailed individual family's full Ba Zi (Eight Characters) report will also include a career with wealth; power and authority and other suitable careers.


 Am I lucky at winning the lottery?

Yes, this also comes standard in all our on-site audits. You also get a bonus, your detailed individual family's full Ba Zi (Eight Characters) report will provide you with a glimpse as to whether you or your family members have (A) unexpected wealth (pian cai) and or(B) unexpected funds (pian yin) as shown below:-



 Additional Palm Reading and more...

As an added bonus, for those who are present at the 2nd  detailed on-site audit, Cecil Lee will also take a look at your palm to confirm some of the findings found during the audit. In addition your full pillars chart will show the House of conception i.e. child birth and spouse related issues for  both husbands, wife and more!.


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