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Feng Shui & Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone can raise Blood Pressure

Some readers may ask what has Mobile Phones to do with Feng Shui?

The only LINK I could think of; was to associate Mobile Phones which emits radio-frequency electromagentic fields (EMF) with an earlier article I wrote about Dangers of Underground water under a House.

Otherwise, I must truly confess, that this article has more to do with health than Feng Shui. This statement is to silence any critics who may accuse me of writing about something which was not invented at the time Feng Shui evolved. If we were to take such a narrow view, I regret that Feng Shui cannot evolve! Take for instance, electrical items, one critic said that  when Feng Shui was `invented' there were no electrical items then. But we all know that electrical items e.g. even the power cord emits electromagnetic field although it is too minute to affect us. When we bring a compass close to the two electrical wires, there is electromagnetic field generated from the wires causing the compass needle to either move towards the wire or move away.

If you have the time, please read this interesting article. Simply as "food for thought":- 

Source: REUTERS, AFP, The copyright owners, June 20, 1998

Recent German reserach shows the magnetic fields emitted during phone use may be detrimental to those having high blood pressure.

LONDON --- Mobile phones, an essential accessory for millions of people, could increase blood pressure significantly, German researchers said yesterday.

In a letter in The Lancet medical journal, Dr Stephan Braune of the University Neurology Clinic in Freiburg, Germany said that radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by the telephones pumped up the blood pressure of 10 young volunteers who took part in a study.

Dr Braune and his team attached the phones to the righ side of the volunteers' heads and swithced them on by remote control at various intervals. they measured their heart function and blood pressure (BP) while they were standing and lying down.

They measured their heart function and blood pressure (BP) while they were standing and lying down.

There was no sound so the volunteers did not know when they were being exposed to the EMF.

The researchers found that 35 minutes fo radio-frequency EMF caused "increases in resting BP between five and 10 mm HG". An average good blood pressure is 136/75 mm HG.

The finding could have adverse effects on people sufering from high blood pressure or hypertension, an important risk factor for heart disease and stroke which are leading causes of death in most developed countries.

The researchers said the increase in blood pressure probably resulted from constrictionof the arteries by the radio frequency electro-magnetic fields.

According to a report early this year in the Medical Journal of Australia, a sharp rise in the incidence of brain tumours there may be linked to the use of mobile telephones.

Cancer specailist Andrew Davidson of Fremantle Hospital in Western Australia said the state's cancer registry had revealed a 50 percent rise in the incidence of the disease in men and a 62.5 percent increase for women in the decade from 1982.

"It is conjectured that the rise in incidence is related to the use of analogue mobile phones in the late 80s," Dr Davidson wrote in a letter to the journal.

But former Telstra telecommunications scientist Bruce Hocking said that on the evidence so far, thre was no proven risk of brain cancer from mobile phones or other communication devices.

Mobile telephones have been linked to a variety of health problems ranging from fatique, headaches to burning skin, but htereis still no proof that the gagets pose any serious health risks -- REUTERS, AFP.

Author's comment: One way to minimize risks is to purchase an external ear-plug accessory for your phone.



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